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Ingenika Property

The 100% held Ingenika Property is situated on the south side of the Ingenika River some 198 kilometres northwest of Mackenzie, B.C. in the Omineca Mining Division. The three mineral claims, totalling 54 units and encompassing 1350 hectares, were acquired by staking in July 2000 around the old Ingenika Mine and cover the historic Onward and Onward South trenching, which the Company located and sampled. The Onward trenches were completed in the Hadrynian Ingenika Group of brecciated limestone with disseminated to massive sulphides comprised of galena with minor chalcopyrite, sphalerite and pyrite mineralization. The Onward south trenching is located 500 metres south of the Onward showing and consists of historic trenches in the same brecciated limestone, but the sulphides consist of sphalerite and galena with minor pyrite mineralization.

Prior research on the Ingenika Property revealed that, as far back as 1927, trenches and a shaft were completed on this property. These historic workings were located in Cambrian limestone containing sulphide mineralization consisting of sphalerite and galena. During an exploration program in spring 2001, the Company located these trenches and the shaft and collected grab samples from dump material. The most significant results to date from the Onward Showing are:

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