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February 27, 2002______________________________________


The Company has received confirmation of its Coronation Gulf properties from the vendor (see news release dated February 5, 2002).

The Asiak Lake property consists of 45 mineral claims comprising approximately 116,000 acres. The property lies within the Proterozoic age Bear structural sub-province of the Canadian Shield. Geological mapping by the Geological Survey of Canada indicates the property is underlain by rocks of the early Proterozoic age Epworth and Recluse Groups. The Epworth group consists predominantly of dolomites, shales and quartzites, while the Recluse Group consists mainly of black shales. The north-northwest trending metasedimentary rocks are intruded by dykes and sills of the Mackenzie (1.1 Ga) and Franklin (c.600 Ma) igneous intrusive events.

The craton underlying the Asiak Lake area is a highly prospective setting for kimberlite magmatism and associated diamond deposits. The Canadian north provides an excellent environment for diamond indicator mineral preservation and kimberlite pipe delineation. More than twelve diamond bearing kimberlite pipes have been discovered to date in the Coronation Diamond District.

Bard is continuing to pursue opportunities in diamond exploration throughout Canada.

On behalf of:
Bard Ventures Ltd.

Eugene Beukman