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North James River

The second zone examined by BHP, the Black Ice zone consists of several parallel to subparallel quartz veins within a NE trending shear zone. Individual veins range in width from 0.2-2.0m and have been traced for over 600m. BHP collected nine chip/channel samples from the vein system, seven chip samples and four grab samples. The nine chip/channel samples ranged from 37 ppb-11,370 ppb Au over widths less than 0.5m, the seven chip samples ranged from 79 ppb-8,230 ppb Au over widths less than 0.5m and the four grab samples ranged from 2,180 ppb-8,470 ppb Au. True widths of the veins have not been discussed by BHP.

There has been no recent sampling of these mineralized zones. BHP reportedly collected 132 samples, of which 46 results have been discussed. At this stage it is unknown whether the remaining samples were anomalous. BHP has recommended that the Black Ice and Silver Bullets zone both be drill tested.